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La Fuerza del Corazón


IHM is a recognized, global leader in emotional physiology, stress management and the physiology of heart-brain research.

The HeartMath Research Center is engaged in basic psychophysiology, neurocardiology and biophysics research, and in clinical, workplace and organizational intervention and treatment outcome studies in collaboration with numerous university and health care system partners.

Our research has significantly advanced the understanding of heart-brain interactions, heart-rhythm-pattern and heart-rate-variability analyses, emotional physiology and the physiology of optimal learning and performance.

Expanding areas interest at the Institute of HeartMath include furthering scientific understanding of the human biofield, intuition and the emotional energetic system.

The Global Coherence Monitoring System a forefront project that will examine the energetic resonance between the earth’s magnetic filed and the rhythms of human heart and brain activity. Other expanding areas of interest at the HeartMath Research Center include furthering scientific understanding of the human biofield, intuition and the emotional energetic system.

The basic research has led to the development of highly innovative training programs, technology and techniques which are helping people live healthier, more meaningful lives in more than 50 nations from Australia and New Zealand, China and the rest of Asia and the Middle East, to Europe, Africa, Latin America and North America. Go to Research.


A primary area of concentration at the Institute of HeartMath is researching how students, from young children through adults, learn. We are constantly striving to find new programs and methods to help improve academic performance, student and teacher well-being and classroom climate.

Researchers at the HeartMath Research Center have identified a measurable physiological state that underlies optimal learning and performance. In this state, our emotions are calm, and our brain, nervous system and other bodily systems function with increased synchronization and harmony. This in turn, facilitates the higher cognitive processes critical for focusing attention, reasoning and creativity – all essential for effective learning, academic achievement and social success.

Through our education division, we develop, test and distribute learning programs for schools. Students using HeartMath’s highly acclaimed TestEdge® and HeartSmarts® programs demonstrate impressive gains in academic performance, reduction of stress levels and anxiety and significant improvements in their attitudes and behaviors. The Resilient Educator® program helps teachers cope more effectively with the stress in today’s classrooms. The Qualified Instructor® Program, a train-the-trainer program, goes a step further by teaching and licensing professional trainers, educators and consultants to provide HeartMath skills to teachers, administrators and other school staff. Go to Education.

One of IHM’s most important education studies has been the TestEdge National Demonstration Study, funded by the U.S. Department of Education. The TENDS study has been hailed as a major achievement for improving academic performance. Among the study’s key findings is that test anxiety can have a major impact on students’ performance and scores.

Results of the TENDS and other studies indicate that HeartMath techniques have helped increase children’s stress management, interpersonal skills and comfort in the classroom environment as well as improve their learning and test scores.

IHM Technology and Products

Our scientifically developed and tested products help people in all walks of life transform stress, manage emotions and get in touch with their heart selves so they can think more clearly, perform better and feel more balanced, energized and in control of their lives.

IHM’s emWave® technology, incorporating 19 years of scientific research, is used by people around the world, personally and professionally, to manage stress and achieve personal coherence.

The Institute of HeartMath has adapted a broad range of many of its most important written works for the convenience of online access. Now, HeartMath’s many years of research into stress, the intelligence and marvelous capacity of the heart, emotional management and much more, along with its internationally acclaimed tools and techniques to help people manage their health and well-being can be accessed right from your home computer.

From managing stress and anxiety to helping children build core values and companies build strong, healthy and caring organizations or simply improving your attitude and confidence on the golf course so you can shoot lower scores, you’ll find a treasure trove of information, surprising revelations and helpful tips among HeartMath’s many insightful books, e-Books, e-Booklets, software and audio/media products. Go to Store.

Be Involved

The Institute of HeartMath seeks to inspire people to connect with the guidance and intelligence of their hearts to achieve personal and global coherence. We depend on your help to achieve this. Your contribution will be used to support our continued breakthrough research, foster heart-based living, create and expand our education programs and develop new programs to effect positive change in the lives of people around the world. On average, 88% of all program donations are used to provide specific program services.

We would like to extend an invitation to you to become a member of an organization that constantly strives to improve people’s lives. Your membership and caring truly makes a difference to those who need our help. With membership comes a wealth of benefits. Go to Membership.

The staff at IHM is especially proud of the Heart-Based Education Sponsorship Fund implemented in summer 2007. Your financial contributions to this fund will help the Institute of HeartMath, a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization, put our life-changing educational programs such as TestEdge® and the Resilient Educator® and our scientifically developed and tested technology into the hands of students and teachers who otherwise would not have access to them. Go to Heart-Based Education Sponsorship Fund.

Recognizing the tremendous hardships and psychological problems faced by troops returning from combat and the growing number of requests for HeartMath tools and technologies from overextended military and Veterans Administration facilities, IHM launched the HeartMath’s Fund for Veterans in fall 2007. HeartMath staff who have worked with doctors, psychologists, physical therapists and clinicians in a number of VA and military facilities report very good results using IHM tools and techniques and the emWave® technology. Soldiers have regained emotional balance, physiological functioning and have shown greater ease transitioning back into society. Go to HeartMath Military Service Appreciation Fund.

HeartMath also has a planned giving program for charitable annuities, trusts, endowments or naming IHM as a beneficiary in your will. Go to Planned Giving.

You may also make a contribution on behalf of someone who is doing good work or in memory of a loved one. Go to Make a Gift.

Reaching Out

Today IHM is teaching heart coherence through the HeartMath System to tens of thousands of people in more than 50 nations across five continents – in public and private school classrooms and on college and university campuses, at military bases and law enforcement agencies, in hospitals and clinics, within large and small business operations and to thousands each year who come in search of heart knowledge to the institute’s many training programs across the nation and abroad. IHM is striving and finding new ways each day to teach the principles and easily learned methods of heart-based living by providing people with the tools and technology to help them achieve their dreams of living longer, healthier and more meaningful lives.

IHM educational programs and services are used in over 1,000 schools, colleges and universities around the world. Many thousands of students from diverse populations, including urban at-risk elementary students to graduate-level professors have been affected by HeartMath learning programs. We have 144 certified trained instructors in the Qualified Instructor Program who are out in the field working with students, teachers and other educators, parents, etc.

The Institute of HeartMath and its innovative, life-changing and award-winning products, programs, services, research and technology, including the handheld emWave Personal Stress Reliever® and emWave® PC/Mac Stress Relief System, have been featured in hundreds of print and online articles, radio broadcasts and news segments around the world. Among them are: ABC World News Tonight, CBS The Early Show, NBC Today Show, PBS, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Boston Globe, Daily Mail (UK), Los Angeles Times, The Guardian (UK), Harvard Business Review, Newsweek, Education Digest, AARP Magazine, Golf Digest, Parents, Reader’s Digest, NEA Today, iVillage, and WebMD.

HeartMath’s science-based solutions for stress relief have been published in many peer-reviewed journals, among them American Journal of Cardiology, Stress Medicine, Preventive Cardiology, Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Integrative Physiological and Behavioral Science and Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine. Go to Press Room.

More than 300 books have highlighted HeartMath, including works by such best-selling authors as Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Barry Sears, Patricia Aburdene, and Stephen R. Covey. Go to HeartMath Books.

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