domingo, 4 de julio de 2010

AMIT GOSWAMI Ph. D. from calcutta University

Amit Goswami, Ph.D. (web site) earned his Ph.D. from Calcutta University in theoretical nuclear physics in 1964 and has been a professor of physics at the University of Oregon since 1968. He taught physics for 32 years in this country, mostly in Oregon, before fully retiring in 2003. Dr. Goswami was a senior scholar in residence at the Institute of Noetic Sciences during 1998-2000. He teaches quite regularly at the Holmes Institute and the Philosophical Research University in L.A.; Pacifica in Santa Barbara, CA; and UNIPAZ in Portugal.

He also wrote a textbook on Quantum Mechanics that is well regarded and used. He is the author of ten books, including The Self-Aware Universe, Quantum Creativity, Physics of the Soul, and The Visionary Window, and The Quantum Doctor. Dr. Goswami is a pioneer of a new multidisciplinary paradigm of science based on the primacy of consciousness, known as Science within consciousness. His research has been published in scientific journals in three different fields, physics, biology, and psychology..

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